welcome to my project album!

these projects, usually data visualizations, were created as open source in my free time, so enjoy and feel free to share or leave a feedback!

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VizEx - Similarities Information is Beautiful Awards 2017 - Longlist

VizEx - Similarities

This is an interactive visualization of a thesaurus – the view highlights the relationship between the central search word and its reference to other words used in context within the dataset.

Find out what are similar words to, for example technology, algorithm or restaurant.

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VizEx - Differences Information is Beautiful Awards 2017 - Longlist

VizEx - Differences

This interactive visualization shows you the differences based on the frequency and contextual relationship between two query words within the same dataset – this visualisation is especially useful for understanding and articulating the data landscape of close synonyms and antonyms.

Find our what are the words used for example with research and experiment.

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ZIP codes of Slovakia

Zip Codes of Slovakia

How does the 5-number zip code of Slovakia work? Is there even a system of the numbers? Dive in into this interactive data visualziation and see the cities, population and zip codes on a map of Slovakia.

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My journey through time to tech

My journey visualized

What was my journey to tech? This little project was used as a presentation for a workshop to motivate students into STEM.

You can find out how others reacted upon hearing my decision to join tech uni and what I thought about that...

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TfL Accidents Visualization Information is Beautiful Awards 2016 - Longlist

TfL Accidents Viz

This interactive visualisation aims to display traffic accident information as kept by Transport for London for the year 2015. The traffic incidents are plotted geographically on the map, colour coded by severity, and there are some interactive summary statistics in the left panel.

Feel free to explore the data and discover the accident hotspots in London!

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UK HO Flights

UK HO Flights

This interactive visualisation shows the flight data from UK's Home Office for the year 2011.

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My portfolio


See my portfolio with my selected works.

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